This is Tom with Smokey Robinson after tuning his piano. Let us tune yours! There are few sounds sweeter than a finely tuned piano, however tuning a piano is a complex process that requires unique skills and tools. When you need a piano tuned for premium playing and sound quality, it’s best to call in a professional for help. Countless piano owners in the Ambridge, PA and Pittsburgh, PA communities count on us for high quality piano services including repairs, tuning, appraisals and much more. Call on Piano Forte today for industry leading piano repair services in your area.

Let us move your piano! Grand piano owners understand the great value and elegance they can bring to a space. These types of pianos are delicate to work with whether you need to move, tune, repair, or restore it. The team at Piano Forte are the experts for grand and upright piano services in Ambridge, PA and Pittsburgh, PA. We strive to share our love of music and high quality piano care with countless residents in our community. Call on us today for top of the line grand pianos.

There are many components to consider when you are looking to either buy or sell an upright or grand piano. One should highly consider investing in an appraisal service, which can bring to light any repairs that may be needed and help ensure fair pricing. Head to Piano Forte in Ambridge, PA for a grand selection of pianos that sound incredible and will look great in your space. We will help you sell or buy a premium piano in no time!

Let us restore your piano treasure! This is an 1870 Steinway Grand restored by Piano Forte You know a piano could benefit from a full restoration when its internal and external components are showing major signs of wear. From the outer finish to the strings, a great piano restoration company will be able to restore it to its near original beauty. The team at Piano Forte is committed to providing the highest quality piano repair and restoration services around. We are equipped with the skills and tools specifically needed to restore all kinds of aging and antique pianos.